What’s New in September

September finds the new year in full swing. First, the dinner meeting on September 11 will be a mixer that plays on what you would find at a Lioness Book Sale. Members and guests will choose a book mark for either a mystery, a cookbook, a travel book, etc., that will direct them to the table where they will be seated. Directories will be available for all who have paid their dues, complete with pictures of each member. Much of the rest of the month will be spent getting ready for the annual Card Party, Luncheon and Fashion Show. Programs will be printed, raffle baskets will be filled and there will be fitting appointments at J. Jill for all of the models. Lastly, the book sale finishes the month as the community takes the opportunity to check out the amazing collection of fact and fiction waiting in the Ferris Building.

Just a reminder: Dues ($30) are due.

Lioness Board 2014-2015


The following Lionesses assembled in front of the speaker’s podium after the June Dinner Meeting to officially confirm their positions on the new Board for 2014-2015: (from left to right) Maureen Otero (1st VP), Sherri Lasover (Director), Mary Altman (2nd VP), Carol Greeney (Twister), Linda Shnayer (3rd VP), Karen Cakouros (President), Donalda Lovelace (Secretary), Carolyn Gordon (Tamer), Beth Sundberg (Past President), Roselynn Edwards (Tamer). Pat Berry (Director), Kathi Martin (Membership), Norma Ervin (Treasurer), Elaine Freeland (Treasurer). Not pictured: Arlene DeSimone (Director) and Phyllis Taylor (Lion Liaison). It is obvious to all that the many activities Lionesses support are in good and caring hands.

Thank you Beth. Welcome Karen.

Beth & Karen

Lionesses celebrated both the end of a busy and productive year and the beginning of a new year full of possibilities. Congratulations to Past President Beth Sundberg and new President Karen Cakouros as Lionesses look ahead.

Remembering an Outstanding Year

June brings another successful year to an end, but not without warm remembrances and special acknowledgements. The first order of business at the monthly meeting will be the award of the 2014 Lioness LOW Bridge Scholarship to a graduating senior from OCHS. After we greet this recipient, special Outstanding Achievement certificates will be given to several club members who have performed notable services to our Lioness Club and, thereby, the LOW community. As the last item of business, members who have served on the Board during the past twelve months will be recognized and the election of new officers will put us on the road to the new year.

Mother Nature Sends Her Greetings

Unless you prefer skiing and snowmen, May is probably the most beautiful time of year in Lake of the Woods. It’s the beginning of a new start for our flowers, shrubs and our battered psyches that endured the cold, dark winter. And May is also the month when Lioness scholarships are presented to the outstanding candidates from Germanna for use during the 2014-2015 academic year. This year four $1000 scholarships will be awarded. Dr. David Sams, President of Germanna Community College, will again be our guest as the students and their guests join us for dinner and recognition of their achievements.