Club By-laws


The Board of Directors of the Lake of the Woods (LOW) Lioness Club will be composed of the following:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Lioness Tamer, Tail Twister, Immediate Past President, Membership Director, and three other Directors.

(1)   Election of officers and directors of this Club shall be held annually at the meeting prior to April 15.  Those elected shall take office on the first of July following their election and remain in office for one year with the exception of the 1st Vice President, who agrees, when nominated, to serve one year as 1st Vice President and the following year as President.  In the event. That the 1st Vice President is unable to serve as President, the nominating committee will seek to find a qualified candidate.

(2)   Replacement of any elected member of the Board who is unable to complete the year will be made by majority vote of the Board of Directors for the balance of the fiscal year.

(3)   The Nomination and Elections Committee, chaired by the immediate active past president, and with two other past presidents and two other members appointed by the Chairperson, will present a slate of officers and directors (listed above) annually at the March dinner meeting.

Further nominations may be made to the Club at the nominations meeting in March, after which nominations will be closed.

(a)        If the slate consists of more than one candidate for any office, a written ballot will be prepared by the Nominations and Elections Committee which will count the votes and announce the winners before adjournment.

(b)        If the slate consists of only one candidate for each office, the Secretary may be directed to cast one ballot affirming the election of all officers and directors.



         There shall be three (3) classes of membership:  Active, Affiliate, and Member-at-Large.

(1)        Active:  an active member of the LOW Lioness Club is a person who has accepted membership, knowing that such membership obligates her/him to participate in all functions of the club.  To the best of their abilities, they should attend meetings; accept such assignments as are given; and contribute their share to the program of the club, the sponsoring Lions Club, District 24-C, and the Lions of Virginia.

(2)        Affiliate:  this category is for once active members who are now either chronically ill, or have long term care of a spouse or family member, but who want to continue enjoying Lioness membership.  Should they be able to attend a meeting, they would call the Lioness Tamer.  These affiliate members would not serve as officer, nor would they chair a committee.  They would not be counted as part of a quorum for conduct of business, but would still be dues paying members.

(3)        Member-at-Large:  these members are nominally active, dues paying members, but because of short term circumstances, have asked for a period of absence of from two (2) months, not to exceed six (6) months.  During their absence, they would not serve as officer, nor chair a committee, nor would they be counted as part of a quorum for the conduct of business.   Their cases would be reviewed at the end of a six month period to see if the situation still exists.


1.         Each new member will pay an initiation fee of $25.00.

2.         Each active member will pay annual dues as determined by the annual budget process and paid no later than July 31st.  Newly inducted members will pay on a prorated quarterly basis beginning on July 1.

3.         Fees for honorary members will be paid for by the LOW Lioness Club.

4.         Pursuant to the Lions of Virginia, Multiple District 24 Constitution, Lake of the Woods Lioness Club will be required to pay an annual per capita tax.



  • President

Project/Service Coordinator

  • 1st Vice President:

Fund Raising Coordinator

Lions Activities Coordinator

Program Coordinator

  • 2nd Vice President:

Local Support Coordinator

Public Relations Activities

  • 3rd Vice President:

Club Services Coordinator

  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Director
  • New Member Orientation Coordinator
  • Lioness Tamers
  • Tail Twister
  • Three Directors



President:  The President shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the Club and the Board of-Directors.  The President shall be a voting member of all standing and special committees except the Nominations and Elections Committee.  The President may appoint such special committees as are necessary for the proper operation of the Club.  The President shall represent the Club in the community and at Lions and Lioness functions and shall perform such other duties as may be required by these Bylaws.  The President will request the approval of the Lake of the Woods Lions Club for any proposed new fund raisers.

Vice-Presidents:  The 1st Vice-President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President.  The other Vice-Presidents will serve as coordinators between the Board of Directors and their assigned committees.

Secretary:  The Secretary shall maintain the Club records, including minutes of Club and Board of Directors meetings, individual membership records, assignments, attendance at meetings, and the roster of members.  The Secretary shall prepare and submit, in a timely manner, all required reports.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all Club funds and shall deposit and disburse such funds only at the direction of the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer is authorized to disburse such funds as required to satisfy expenses approved in the budget.  The Treasurer shall prepare and submit monthly reports at each regular Board of Directors meeting.  The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the Club and shall report monthly to the Board of Directors on those members who are delinquent in their dues.  The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee.  In the absence of the Treasurer, the President is authorized to sign checks.

Tail Twister:  The Tail Twister shall be the official greeter and shall promote harmony, fellowship, and friendship among the members.

Lioness Tamers:  The Lioness Tamer shall be responsible for the Club’s property and paraphernalia and serve as menu coordinator with the Clubhouse, reservations clerk, and shall assure that necessary items are in the proper places at Club meetings, and is responsible for attendance and collecting for dinner.

Immediate Past President:  The Immediate Past President shall be the most recent Past President still a member of the Club.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as advisor to the President and the Board of Directors.  The Immediate Past President shall chair the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Directors:  Three Directors are elected for a two year term and are voting members of the Board.  They are expected to attend all Club meetings.  They may chair or serve on any committee.  They shall review the overall operations of the Club and inform the President and/or Board of any problems and suggest possible solutions.

Membership Director:  The Membership Director will make certain that new membership applicants are sponsored by a Lioness and meet policy requirements on membership.  The Director will meet with each new applicant, inform them of attendance and service requirements, and collect the required fees.  The Director will present recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval of applications submitted for membership and order name badges for new members.

New Member Orientation Coordinator:  This Coordinator will plan and organize orientation programs to acquaint new members with all aspects of the Lions program.

Project Services Coordinator:  This Coordinator will study the community to determine the social and economic needs of the area that the Lioness Club might help to meet, and will contact local leaders to help in the study of suitable service projects for the Club to undertake. ALL REQUESTS for service or funds will be referred to the Coordinator for study in order to make a recommendation for action by the Board.

Fundraising Coordinator:  The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for the development of new ideas and projects that raise funds for benevolent activities, and has oversight of fund raising committees.

Lions Activities Coordinator:  The Lions Activities Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all required Lioness activities be held before April 15 to meet the requirements for a state achievement award.

Program Coordinator:  The Program Coordinator is responsible for providing a continuing series of interesting, entertaining, and educational programs for dinner meetings that will entail the humanitarian goals of Lionism.  The Coordinator and the Committee will arrange a program for each dinner meeting, first completing a schedule for the current State Achievement Award required programs.  Required programs are listed on the State Achievement Award form received by the Secretary, for that fiscal year (using the chairpersons from those committees:  sight, hearing, diabetes, safety and youth outreach as necessary).  The Program Coordinator will arrange gifts for all speakers, and when warranted, arrange for video filming.

Local Support Coordinator:  The Local Support Coordinator will be responsible for the Lioness scholarship program at Germanna Community College and will supervise and monitor all of those committees which have been established to directly benefit the LOW community.

Club Services Coordinator:  The Club Services Coordinator will supervise the committees whose functions deal with the smooth operation of the internal affairs of the Lioness Club.


(1)        Committee chairpersons will be members appointed by the president;

(2)        The appropriate committee chairpersons will invite their respective vice-president to all meetings of the committee;

(3)        The committee chairperson will coordinate all activities for the committee project;

(4)        Verbal or written progress reports and a final report will be given to the secretary to include Lioness names and number of hours served, results, financial statement, and any other pertinent information;

(5)        All monies collected must be turned over to the treasurer with a written account, signed and dated by the committee chairperson. The account should include not only the amount of money turned over, but the name and date of the activity or fundraiser at which it was collected;  Reimbursement requests for purchases made from personal funds must be presented to the treasurer with receipts attached;

(6)        At the end of the term, the committee chairperson will turn over the working files of the committee to the incoming chairperson.

Constitution and Bylaws This committee will present to the Board of Directors and the Club membership all proposed amendments to the Bylaws of the Club and answer all questions from the membership regarding the interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws provisions.  When necessary, the Chairperson of this committee may be asked to act as Club Parliamentarian.

Finance – This committee will obtain from each officer and committee chairperson their requests for annual budget allocation; prepare and present all budgets to the Board of Directors as a part of a total annual budget.  The Treasurer shall be a member of the finance committee and arrange for an audit of the Club’s financial records.

Nominations and Elections This committee will review the membership records of all Club members before preparing a slate of candidates for Club offices; review the duties and responsibilities of each office with the candidate and discuss with the candidates, once a slate is selected, their willingness to serve.

The committee will be responsible for ballot preparation for the election of Club officers tabulate votes, and request instructions for ballot disposition after election results are announced, if a written vote is necessary.



These Bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of this Club but only upon the affirmative vote of a majority of members in good standing.  PROVIDED:

(a)        Notice of the respective amendment(s) and the meeting at which such amending vote is to be taken is given at least ten days prior thereto at a regular meeting at which a quorum is present.

(b)        After prior notice has been given, a telephonic vote is acceptable.

(c)        Such amendment or amendments are approved by the Lions Club of Lake of the Woods.

Revised:    February 25, 2010
President:  Marge Howard

Policy Statements and Standing Rules and Committees are in the annual Member Handbook