Sponsors’ Responsibilities


SPONSOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Sponsoring a new Lioness is an important role of Lioness membership. New members help maintain the vitality of our club with new perspectives, ideas, and enthusiasm–not to mention willing hands. Sponsoring a new Lioness is a role that should be taken seriously and comes with the following responsibilities:

  1. Accompany the prospective member to two meetings. Facilitate her participation in two activities before her induction.
  2. Introduce her to the club’s members and identify the various officers and their responsibilities.
  3. Discuss the club’s purpose, activities, and responsibilities and answer any questions she may have regarding the operation of the club or its goals.
  4. Notify the Membership chair that you are sponsoring a prospective member and obtain an Application for Membership. Help the prospective member fill it out and return it to the Membership chair.
  5. Attend the New Member meeting with the inductee and participate in her induction ceremony. Do all you can to make certain the new member’s induction is impressive so that she feels pride in joining Lioness.
  6. Encourage her to review the membership kit, including the Constitution and By-laws that she will receive upon induction. Follow up by talking about it with her and asking if she has questions.
  7. Call her prior to her first few meetings and offer to accompany her to the meeting or meet her there. Continue to introduce her to people and facilitate her participation in Lioness.
  8. Help her to become an INVOLVED LIONESS!


Understands that our Lioness club is sponsored by LOW Lions Club and strives to serve human needs wherever they exist as member of the largest service organization in the world.

Demonstrates the WE SERVE motto.

Accepts the challenges of:

  • Sponsoring new members
  • Serving on committees
  • Becoming a leader

Is Flexible:

  • Listens to new ideas
  • Shares ideas and experiences when developing new projects
  • Tries new projects and activities
  • Accepts change for club betterment

Develops leadership potential:

  • Volunteers to work on projects
  • Volunteers to chair committees
  • Accepts the challenge to serve as a member of the Board of Directors